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How To Hit Your Mark In Dating & Relationships
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Ditch The Script


           I'm Brianna

Brianna is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) practicing in Massachusetts. She has her own private practice, Caring Connections Psychotherapy LLC, where she provides individual and couples’ psychotherapy. Outside of the love she has for the work she does, Brianna is passionate about intersectional feminism, finding that perfect balance of main character energy and best supporting character vibes, and making killer spotify playlists. She believes that love is the secret sauce to leading a full life and making the most of the gifts you have in front of you to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Being part of the Ditch the Script Pod with Alex is fulfilling a lifelong dream of hers. Collaborating on a project with a childhood friend and someone she respects the heck out of is everything that her personal philosophies are founded on.

I'm Alex,        

Alex Scot is a certified dating & relationship coach, as well as the founder of two coaching programs — The Self Love Lab & The Soulmate Attraction Accelerator.  She has a passion for the performing arts, loves baked goods, and has a mild addiction to scented candles. In her work, Alex helps clients to stop attracting toxic relationships & instead attract healthy soulmate love by taking them through trauma-informed self-healing techniques & teaching them to recognize red from green flags. Alex feels that understanding the science behind trauma & relationships empowers women to practice self compassion and course correct with a profound awareness.  Through teaching these skills, Alex hopes to improve the lives and relationships of as many people as she possibly can & to give back to charities that seek to provide resources to children & families struggling with trauma. To come together with her lifelong childhood bestie, Brianna, on a passion project like Ditch The Script, is a dream come true.  Brianna has always been a ride or die friend to Alex through thick & thin & for them to be able to pass on their life lessons, tips & tricks when it comes to love is is nothing short of DESTINY!
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